West Fork XC team earns state runner-up finish


West Fork freshman Jacob Hansen, front, leads South Winneshiek's Devin Franzen and BCLUW's Cole Silver en route to a 10th place medal at the Class 1A state cross country meet at Fort Dodge on Saturday. (Kristi Nixon/Hampton Chronicle)


The West Fork cross country team, from left: Colton Rowe, Markus Wogen, Austin Steil, Drew Engebretson, Peyton Twedt, Kyle Schulz, Jacob Hansen and coach Mark Twedt are recognized for earning Class 1A state runner-up at the state cross country meet on Saturday, Nov. 2 at Fort Dodge. (Kristi Nixon/Hampton Chronicle)


Class 1A Boys State Cross Country Meet

Team Scoring

1. Denver 89; 2. West Fork 119; 3. South Winneshiek 157; 4. Oakland, Riverside 167; 5. Bellevue 170; 6. Council Bluffs St. Albert 175; 7. Boyer Valley 179; 8. Trinity Christian 186*; 9. Algona Bishop Garrigan 186*; 10. Highland, Riverside 188; 11. Wapello 213; 12. Eagle Grove 256; 13. Maple Valley 290; 14. Alta-Aurelia 300; 15. Pekin 327.

* Team won tiebreak.


Top 10 Individuals

1. Kyle Kehoe (Denver) 16:17.4; 2. Peyton Twedt (West Fork) 16:37.0; 3. Evan Mahler (Highland, Riverside) 16:41.1; 4. Andrew Meyer (Bellevue) 16:43.5; 5. Alex Van Ginkel (Trinity Christian) 16:47.2; 6. Devin Franzen (S. Winneshiek) 16:47.5; 7. Ryan Izer (Turkey Valley) 16:51.2; 8. Hunter Hostetler (Westwood, Sloan) 16:51.5; 9. Cole Silver (BCLUW) 16:54.4; 10. Jacob Hansen (West Fork) 16:55.7.


West Fork (119) – 2. Peyton Twedt 16:37.0; 7. Jacob Hansen 16:55.7; 24. Drew Engebretson 17:47.2; 42. Colton Rowe 18:17.2; 44. Austin Steil 18:18.3; 78. Kyle Schulz 19:22.7; 90. Markus Wogen 19:38.7.


FORT DODGE – With a big grin while clutching the Class 1A state runner-up trophy for photo opportunities, West Fork senior Markus Wogen talked about how far he’s come.

As one of two Warhawk seniors who went out on “the deck,” an honor reserved for the top three teams at the state cross country meet at Fort Dodge, it was a different experience for Wogen.

“It’s really nice having it,” Wogen said, admiring the hardware. “It’s definitely been fun working hard with everybody.

“It was really nice because there were a lot of people – we’re not really used to running against this many people and having this many people watching us when we’re running, so that is definitely different. It’s just been a nice feeling.”