Thank you Debbie

Rarely do we take time to talk about ourselves, but this week, nothing else takes a higher position. On Tuesday morning, Dec. 26, we received word that one of our own had died suddenly and the hurt and sorrow has radiated throughout the office ever since.

The front page of the Chronicle this week looks different as we salute Debbie Hansen, a long-time employee here at the Hampton Chronicle. Her loss is one that will take a very long time to fill. The holes in the hearts of the staff will take a long time to heal, but her place will never be forgotten.

We want to thank Debbie and her family for sharing her with us for the past 17 consecutive years and over 20 years in total. She will forever be a member of the Mid-America family.

To Tim, Uriah, Ashley and their families…you have our heartfelt sympathies. She truly is one for the ages.