Supervisors agree to help out with Sheffield bridge repair

The Franklin County Board of Supervisors agreed to assist the City of Sheffield with the repair of a bridge on the west side of town at their meeting Monday.

     Sheffield Mayor Nick Wilson met with the supervisors to request financial assistance with the replacement of the C-13 bridge. An average of 850 vehicles pass over the structure each day, and it’s begun to show some wear and tear during the past few years. Wilson said the city wants to get the bridge repaired as soon as possible so they don’t have to divert truck traffic.

     “Without your guys’ help, I’m not going to speak for the council, but we’re probably not going to have the funding for it,” said Wilson. “We want to do something about it. Like all small towns, we just don’t have the funds.”

Read the full article in the Feb. 5 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.