Sanchez uses different tactics to finish top-10

Hampton-Dumont’s Humberto Sanchez sprints toward the finish line in an effort to pass Clear Lake’s Justin Wright for a top-10 finish last week, the first of his career. (Kristi Nixon/Hampton Chronicle)

VENTURA – During his first cross country meet ever, Humberto Sanchez of Hampton-Dumont charged out in first, this time he used a different plan to run his second cross country meet.

“Up the hills, I ran on my toes to make myself run faster,” Sanchez said, “that’s how one of my idols, I guess, runs to speed up. (Soccer player) Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best. I used his tactic.”

The change in strategy paid off as he made a late pass at the finish line to take ninth overall in 18:12.0. The time drop was a full 1:20 off of his first meet.

The full story appears in the Sept. 19 print and online editions of the Hampton Chronicle.