Put out that light: Craighton stresses holiday fire safety

One local official is reminding Franklin County residents to be conscious of Christmastime fire hazards as we head further into the holiday season.

     Christmas lights, negligent cooking practices and other electrical mishaps all increase the likelihood of household fires this time of the year. Franklin County Emergency Management Coordinator Thomas Craighton issued a statement last week offering safety tips to keep you, your family and your house safe during the next few hectic weeks of December. Craighton explained most fires can be avoided by simply learning about the increased risks.

     "As everyone gets busier during the holidays, we often become rushed, distracted or tired – that's when home fires are more likely to occur," he said in a release. "By taking some preventative steps and following simple rules of thumb, most home fires can be prevented."

Read the full article in the Dec. 11 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.