Potential final Seth Tuttle camp held

A Seth Tuttle camp participant goes to the ground with the ball while being fouled during a game at the camp on Friday, July 27. (Kristi Nixon/Hampton Chronicle)

SHEFFIELD – Decisions must be made for Sheffield native Seth Tuttle, a three-year European basketball player, as he hosted his third annual basketball camp last week.

Tuttle, 25, is facing a choice between returning to play basketball somewhere in Europe or become an assistant with his alma mater, the University of Northern Iowa.

“I have a big decision coming up for myself,” Tuttle admitted. “I’m not sure whether I’m going to continue my career and go back to Europe for another year or if I’m going to take the other route and get into my coaching career, which is another thing I’m very excited about. I have a decision coming up in probably about the next week..."

The full story appears in the Aug. 1 print and online editions of the Hampton Chronicle.