Plenty of room aboard the Franklin County Transit

Franklin County Transit buses are available to any county resident in need of a ride. According to bus supervisor Russ Morgan, many locals are unaware the service is open for everyone. NICK PEDLEY/HAMPTON CHRONICLE

Though it may come as a surprise to some locals, Franklin County has a public transportation system available to anyone located within its four borders.

     "It's actually pretty surprising how many people don't know that we're here for everyone," said Russ Morgan, supervisor of Franklin County Transit. "A lot of people think we only give rides to the elderly or handicapped, but we're available to all residents."

     Morgan, who's been at the helm of the local transit system for nearly two years, has made it his personal mission to inform the general public about this relatively unknown service. Franklin County Transit was started around 20 years ago and has gradually expanded its reach during the past two decades. It originally began with two buses, but has since blossomed into a fleet of nine with 12 total drivers on staff.

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