Obamacare, executive overreach and Farm Bill top Grassley visit

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley hit on a list of topics during a visit to Hampton last week, but most of his attention focused on displeasure with President Barack Obama and congressional gridlock.

     Grassley visited the Hampton Rotary Club at Godfather’s Pizza Feb. 19 during a stop on his annual 99-county tour. The longtime senator from New Hartford fielded questions about his political career, Sen. Ted Cruz and manufacturing jobs in Iowa, but his most fiery responses came when he was asked about presidential overreach and Senate disorder.

     Grassley offered a rather animated response to a question about Obama’s recent promise to increase the amount of executive orders.

     "From the standpoint of the number of times he's done it, you would look at it and say it's not an abuse. From the standpoint of the quality, or the quantity, or the impact of how he's used it, it's been a tremendous abuse that I don't know of any other president doing," he said.

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