Not your parent's science project

H-D students get head start on future with Gateway to Technology classes, robot building exercise


     As seventh grade students filed into teacher Mark Drier's classroom on Sept. 5, there was an excitement in the air not normally found in the average classroom.

     Eyes were wide open and a giddy feeling seemed to emanate from the 20 or so students as they scurried into the room at Hampton-Dumont Middle School.

     Inside the classroom was a small army of battery powered robots that students had been constructing for the past few weeks. That day's assignment? To drive their robots around a maze and complete a series of tasks while being timed by Drier.

     For Kolton Koenen and Carter Reysack, who both admitted to liking Drier's class more than others, it was a brief respite from books, chalkboards and "normal" school duties.

Read the full article in the Sept. 11 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.