Local pastor to tour Auschwitz

Dan Hanson

     Dan Hanson, the pastor for St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, will be going on a trip with the Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics, or FASPE, this summer.

     FASPE is a set of programs designed to address ethical issues aimed towards graduate students in business, journalism, law, medical and seminary programs, as well as new professionals in these fields. FASPE provides these professionals and students with a 12-day trip to Germany and Poland in mid-June. While there participants will work in an intensive course of study on current ethical challenges in their respective fields — for example, in the medical field, when to pull someone off of life support.

     Hanson is one of 12 people going as part of the seminary group and sees this trip as a way of furthering his education in ethics and leadership. He also hopes that he will gain skills as a leader in the church and a practitioner of faith.

    Read the full article in the June 14 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.