Letter to the Editor

Government needs to get out of our lives

To the editor:

Which is it, obese or starving children? I have empathy for the kids being forced to take food they don't or won't eat.  What a waste of taxpayers' money. A school out east has banned any type of ball game at recess for fear the children will get hurt.  No wonder they're fat.  Kids are meant to play. 

Force feeding them healthy food isn't helping if they can't burn off the calories.  Anyway who's to say what is obese.  After school out of the watchful eyes of concerned adults they probably eat junk food!  Oh no!  Watch at the check out line at the grocery store and see what the parents buy with their food stamp card.  They eat pretty well with A LOT of junk food in the heaping cart.  We should be thanked for paying for their purchases. 

Perhaps they should be mandated what they buy and serve for supper.  Government and Michelle get out of our lives.   

Karen Suter, Hampton