Letter to the Editor


Warns area landowners about eminent domain


     Eminent domain is out of control in this country. It was intended to be used by governing bodies for the construction of public projects for the benefit of many people. It was not intended for economic gain by private enterprise.

     The Rock Island Clean Line (RICL) is a prime example of private enterprise trying to take advantage of the system for their economic gain.

     Why should the rights of thousands of landowners be sacrificed for this highly speculative, non-utility, unregulated, unnecessary, private, merchant transmission line so billionaire investors can reap billions more?

     RICL claims they want to avoid eminent domain for the sake of the landowners, but, in fact, it is RICL that benefits by not going to eminent domain. Taking property through eminent domain is a long complicated process that RICL does not want to engage in. Eminent domain would be costly, time consuming, and laborious for RICL.

     Under Iowa law, landowners are afforded better protections than they are under RICL’s voluntary easement contract. Do not be pressured by RICL land agents to sign an easement contract with this company.


     Dennis Harms

     18181 110th St.