Letter to the Editor


Property owner cautions against signing RICL easements


Letter to the Editor:


     I’m writing with a request for all other landowners within the Rock Island Clean Line construction corridor: Please do not sign an easement with the RICL. Signing an easement will place you in a lose-lose-lose situation. You will lose the respect of your neighbors by helping the RICL get its franchise, lose control of (and devalue) your property, and probably lose any lawsuit against the RICL for damage it does to your property.

     The RICL land agents could promise you almost anything. The RICL has very “Deep Pockets.” Do you have enough money to win a lawsuit against a company controlled by billionaires?

     A May 22, 2012, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission document lists the RICL’s five levels of ownership. The majority owners of the RICL, the three billionaire Ziff brothers, are hiding behind one partnership (L.P.) and four Limited Liability Companies (L.L.C.) Are these five levels used for lawsuit and tax protection?

     A 2012 Forbes list of Aspen, Colo., billionaires said each Ziff brother is worth $4.2 billion.

     Do you think the Ziff Brothers would give you an easement to build cattle feedlots on their Aspen property?

     Fight for your farmland! File objections, forget easements!


     Jim Doorley

     32605 190th St.