Letter to the Editor

Heidenwirth a man of integrity and honesty, says Dumont couple


Letter to the editor:


     As we prepare to vote in the June 3 primary, we can’t help but think back to the nightmare that began for us with the Butler County Supervisors beginning in 2007.

     The supervisors sold our four-acre abandoned gravel pit located on our century farm to Michael Witte, notifying all adjoining property owners of the sale but us! This transaction was completed against the advice of the Butler County Attorney.

     Long story short, the case went to the Appellate Supreme Court of Iowa and the Supreme Court returned our land back to us.

     “Previous Supervisor” John Zimmerman was a major part of this transaction and to this day, we have never been given an answer why this “under the table” transaction was completed, especially against the advice of the Butler County Attorney.

     When it comes to the June 3 primary, we are voting for a man of integrity, Tom Heidenwirth. We would ask that you give Tom your vote. He has done a great job the past four years as supervisor and will continue to represent Butler County as a man of professional integrity and honesty.

     Thank you.


     Carter and Paige Seidel

     17447 Forest Ave.