Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I am writing in response to Jeff Forward’s article covering Gov. Branstad’s  town hall meeting in Hampton, Aug. 27. I attended this meeting.

The words we choose are very important. We may agree or disagree with someone. But, we still need to show respect to each other.

As I read Mr. Forward’s article, I did not feel he was showing respect to Cindy Dirksen with his words. He wrote: Local resident Cindy Dirksen took over a portion of the town hall meeting engaging Branstad in a rambling, lengthy rant about education — at times drawing heated responses from the governor who disagreed with some of her statements.

This is a Republic Mr. Forward and Gov. Branstad is an elected official who answers to the people. Even if the Governor and Mrs. Dirksen had a difference of opinion, both should be respected. You, as an editor, needs to choose your words with respect to the people in your articles.

Alyce Hugeback