Letter to the Editor


     Welcome to 21st century Hampton, a town with ethnic diversity that has brought changes and challenges.

     Diversity keeps our law enforcement busy with arresting, stopping people who believe they are exempt form obeying the law by driving with expired, suspended or no D.L or proof of insurance in addition to OWI, public intoxication, assault, etc., but diversity has created jobs for interpreters.

     By riding around town I don't see much pride that they want to be part of the community with the way their properties look. Yards are a mess, garbage not picked up, windows broken. They do have nice vehicles and cable though, while the rest of us pick up the tab for their "entitlements" i.e. SNAP, WIC, EBT, Obama phone, healthcare, free breakfast and lunches during school and through summer, heat and rental assistance and Christmas gifts.

     I owe you NOTHING. Hampton will never be a strong, vibrant, beautiful community unless they assimilate, learn English, obey the laws and take personal responsibility [what a concept]. You will be welcome then. So, be truthful, how many of you have thought these things but are hesitant to speak up because of all the names you will be called. And are you happy the direction we are going?


Karen Suter

515 6th St. SW



Note: We believe this letter to the editor is in response to the Chronicle's official editorial that ran in the April 30 newspaper. You can read that editorial in its entirety here:  http://www.hamptonchronicle.com/content/chronicle-editorial-35

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