Letter to the Editor

Be informed – stop RICL


     The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance, concerned landowners, tenants and community members strongly suggest that you do NOT sign a voluntary easement for the Rock Island Clean Line (RICL) project.

     Did you know . . .

RICL has the right to sell the easement at any time.

The easement is permanent.

This proposed high voltage line will set a precedent for more lines across Iowa.

This private for profit company has not proven feasibility.

This transmission line will decrease property values.

Easement proceeds are taxable.

RICL has the right to cross your land at any time to gain access to the easement.

RICL does not pay fair compensation for the property.

The easement and access areas will have long term reduced crop production.

The transmission line will increase complexity of farm practices (GPS, drainage tile, aerial spraying, etc.).

Unknown health risks from the high voltage transmission line.

During construction, the easement and access areas cannot be farmed (construction could last more than a year).

     For more information, visit our website at: iowastopricl.com or call 712-262-5229.

     The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance will be hosting a community opposition meeting on Saturday, Feb. 22, at 2 p.m. at the Windsor Theater in Hampton (103 Federal Street, North).


     Kim Junker

     New Hartford