Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

I have been writing letters for a long time condemning the practices of Planned Parenthood, which masks itself as a caring organization which just wants to help people but does exactly the opposite. What pains me a great deal is that our tax dollars have helped them to destroy many in our generation and the next generation which might include some of the most talented people in the world. This industry needs to be thoroughly investigated in our state and put out of business and I urge Gov. Branstad to undertake it. Yes, it is a BIG business and brings them lots of money but at what cost in human life? Now they even have internet-directed  abortions leaving suffering post abortion pill mothers in dire straits on their own, in many cases not knowing what to do to save themselves.

                Horrific articles in the papers tell of the murderous acts of Herbert Gosnell (I won't call him a doctor because doctors take an oath to do no harm) in Philadelphia who was finally convicted of killing three babies born alive and snipping their spinal chords to kill them as well as severely neglecting a birth  mother so she died. He had been killing babies for decades and nobody stepped up to stop him. The evidence is there and we need to act now before any more innocent lives are destroyed.

                People get all upset and protest wildly if an animal is tortured or destroyed but aren't our beautiful babies, our flesh and blood, of much more worth and shouldn't we be really putting pressure on planned Parenthood to cease and desist. I vehemently say "yes!" 



Melba Muhlenbruch

Hampton, Iowa

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