Leahy Committee prepares for exhibit opening

The Leahy Memorial Committee is preparing a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open an exhibit featuring Hampton’s native son, William Leahy.

     Born in Hampton in 1875, Fleet Admiral William Leahy was America’s first five-star military commander and the first Joint Chief of Staff. During his career in government, Leahy also served as the Ambassador to France and the Governor of Puerto Rico. The Franklin County Historical Museum is hosting a collection of materials related to Leahy, including his military uniform, books, and even 1/48 scale model of the U.S.S. Leahy, the navy cruiser named after the admiral.

     The exhibit also features the desk that Leahy used while working in the White House.

     “When you think that the treaty that ended World War II came across here, or the secrets of the atom bomb, it’s interesting thoughts,” said committee member Steve Dieke.

Read the full article in the February 19 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.