Johnsons keeps CAL royalty line in family


A legacy of homecoming royalty: The Johnson family were all named CAL homecoming king or queen, ending with Jenna Johnson recently. They are, from left: Craig, Joel, Kelsey, Jenna, Brett and Nancy Johnson. (Kristi Nixon/Hampton Chronicle)


COULTER – Who knew when Craig Johnson asked Nancy Meyer to the CAL homecoming dance in 1982, it would start a tradition for their family?

The two would eventually marry.

And, when their youngest daughter, Jenna, was crowned queen at CAL two weeks ago it completed the family line of homecoming kings and queens that included all of their daughters and sons.

“When we were in high school, I always felt with Nancy, it didn’t surprise to me (she was elected),” Craig Johnson said. “She was nice to everyone in school. She was even nice to me because that was our first date – on very short notice, I guess. Apparently, you’re not supposed to ask someone, like, the day before the dance.

“And, she still said yes; that she’d still go with me, so that shows she’s a nice person.”