Iowa SOS Paul Pate stops by Franklin County

Paul Pate (right) recently visited with Kathy Jo Heuer (left) at the Rustic Brew in Hampton. SUBMITTED PHOTO

     In accordance with the implementation of Iowa’s new Election Integrity law (commonly referred to as Iowa’s Voter ID law), Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate made an independent visit to Franklin County last week to discuss questions and policy about the roll out of the new law with Auditor Michele Giddings.

     Passed early last May, the Voter Integrity Act mandates that anyone who wishes to vote in an election show their photo ID, in the form of a state-issued identification, a passport or a military identification in order to cast a vote. For residents of the state who do not have the aforementioned IDs but are registered to vote, they will be issued a voter ID card that carries their name, a voter identification number and bar code, which they will have to show to cast a ballot.

     The act will also require the installation of electronic poll books in every precinct in the state. A total of 72 of 99 counties already use the electronic service. According to the Des Moines Register, the upgrade to the state’s election system will cost approximately $1 million.

    Read the full article in the June 14 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.