Hampton-Dumont High School presents Pocahontas

John Rolfe, played by Augie Bollhagen, speaks with Hayley McNealy, as Pocahontas. Hampton- Dumont High School will perform “Pocahontas” Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. at Church of the Living Word. GREG FORBES/ HAMPTON CHRONICLE

Next week, the Hampton-Dumont High School Drama Department will perform “Pocahontas” for its 2018 spring play.

“Pocahontas,” written by Craig Sodaro, follows the life of the title character, believed to be one of the most famous Native American women in history.

Director Tammy Morris said this version varies significantly from the animated musical version released by Disney in 1995. The script, she said, is a more dramatic and historically realistic retelling of Pocahontas’ life. In this version, she said Act I covers the events that take place in North America and Act II tells of Pocahontas’ journey to and the events in England.

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