Hampton Council post-pones acceptance of HMA Overlay bids

Ron Dunt, City Manager, said that there is a plan to address the park, and it could be in motion by end of June, but most likely next fiscal year.

     The Hampton Council voted to “adjourn” the resolution to accept the presented bids for the 2017 HMA Overlay project, postponing acceptance and rewarding of contract until the council’s next regular meeting.

     Only one bidder responded to the project, Heartland Asphalt, Mason City, with a base bid for milling, asphalt laying and colored concrete crosswalks of approximately $711,682. The bid was nearly $133,811 more than the city had estimated for the project.

     Dave Ricken, of Heartland Asphalt, explained to council that the underestimation of cost was in the colored and stamped concrete crosswalks. Ricken explained that to his surprise, the colored concrete was more expensive than anticipated. It is twice as expensive as regular concrete, and required a protective plastic to keep it from getting marked by the asphalt. Once the colored PCC is laid down, there is only a limited amount of time to get the stamp in place, which cuts down on productivity, Ricken said. 

    Read the full article in the March 15 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.