Garbage truck breaks through road in Hampton last week

     East side Hampton residents were treated to a rather unusual sight last Wednesday when a portion of paved road collapsed and swallowed up a garbage truck’s tire.

     Waste Management employee Ted Mattick was making his regular stops along 8th Street Northeast when the incident occurred. Mattick had already completed 70-80 pickups before arriving at the street, but his day was about to get a little longer. The front right tire of his 25-ton truck abruptly fell through the road, rendering the vehicle immobile.

     “I was just creeping along and the truck slammed down before I could get the brake pulled,” Mattick said.

     A tow truck, the Hampton Police Department and city maintenance workers were called to the scene shortly afterwards. Mattick’s truck was eventually pulled from the hole, which was around 18 inches deep and more than two feet wide. No damage was done to the vehicle, according to Mattick.

    Read the full article in the March 26 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.