Frustration with frozen pipes mounts in Hampton last week

     Unrelenting frigid temperatures and an ever-creeping frostline plagued Hampton residents last week after frozen pipes cut off water service to around 20 homes.

     The freeze-ups were caused by a combination of low snowfall accumulation and sub-zero temperatures this winter ╨a thin layer of snow provided little insulating protection against the frostline’s steady advance. According to Hampton Public Works Director Doug Tarr, the frostline has crept down to around the six-foot level locally, which is where most waterlines are buried. Many communities throughout north central Iowa reported problems last week and officials expected the headaches to continue indefinitely.

     “If you’re froze up, you’re obviously concerned and struggling,” said Tarr. “We empathize with those folks because with the weather pattern we’re in, it’s not easy to get them thawed.”

Read the full article in the February 19 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.