Franklin Flyers pedaling their way back to relevance

It doesn’t matter if you’re a chiseled veteran or clumsy novice, the Franklin Flyers Bicycle Club welcomes you with open arms.

     “It’s not just for the hardcore riders, because that definitely wouldn’t be me,” said club organizer Wayne Pralle. “We really want people to know that this is for the family and everyone.”

     Pralle and his son, Nathan, recently began laying the foundation to return the Franklin Flyers back from dormancy. Once around 20 members strong, the cycling group decided to dissolve three to four years ago due to county-wide road construction and detours. The roads have since reopened, and Pralle said the addition of local recreation trails made the decision to resurrect the club even easier.

     “It just wasn’t safe to go out on the road with a group of riders when all that was going on,” he explained. “But the trail has helped. If we get a smaller group together one night and nobody has a problem with it, we’ll ride that.”

            Pralle said organizing a weekly/biweekly group ride and sponsoring an annual county-wide cycling event are his main goals with club. 

Read the full article in the March 5 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.


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