Franklin County Sheriff's Dept. gets new drug-sniffing dog

Franklin County sheriff's Deputy Adam Blau plays with Sarge, the departemnt's new drug-sniffing dog. Sarge replaces the department's old drug-sniffing dog, Blue, who was retired due to old age. Photo by Jeff Forward.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department has a new drug-sniffing dog – Sarge – and is asking the public to help fund the canine officer with donations.

     Sheriff's Deputy Adam Blau got Sarge on Oct. 28 and was in the initial stages of becoming acquainted with his new canine partner last week.      This week, the duo will be in Cherokee, where they will undergo intensive officer-dog training exercises to further acclimatize each other to their mission of working together to find illegal drugs.

     "Basically, we go through every scenario you have; to put the dog through every scenario in case they're not used to it," Blau said of the week-long training. "We'll set up a bunch of boxes in a room and he'll have to go through them and find the drugs."

     Blau will be the only handler for Sarge in the department and will keep the dog at his personal home with his family. 

Read the full article in the Nov. 6 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.