Franklin County crops hit hard by recent storms

Soggy soil and shriveled crops have become a common sight throughout Franklin County following torrential rainfall during the past three 3 weeks.  Photo by NICK PEDLEY/HAMPTON CHRONICLE.

      Heavy rainfall throughout the second half of June has created uncertainty among local agriculture experts about the potential success rates for the region’s corn and soybean crop.

     Despite a good start during the early growing season, crop development in Franklin County was hampered by torrential rainfall and other severe weather during the past three weeks. Fields flooded, straight-line winds bent cornstalks and some hail caused damage throughout the area. Well over a foot of rainfall was dumped on Franklin County during the onslaught, some of which still remained pooled in local fields last weekend.

     “You hear a lot of stuff about damage totals,” said Steve Abbas, county executive director of the Farm Service Agency. “But as far as how much, I’m not sure. I don’t think anyone knows because it’s been too wet to actually get out there and look.”

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