Food Pantry move still up in the air

Finding a new home for the Franklin County Food Pantry has been anything but easy during the past year.

     Space constraints at it’s current location in the Community Resource Center (CRC) led officials to begin the search for a new building in early 2013, according to Community Services Director Russell Wood. The Franklin County Board of Supervisors reviewed the issue at their meeting Feb. 18 after they received numerous proposals to accommodate the pantry’s added needs. Suggestions ranged from moving it to a new building, renovating the CRC’s basement to ease clutter, or adding on to the CRC to create more space.

     “We are very happy with where we are, we deal with the spatial issues, but we want to be a part of the discussion and not hear about it on the news,” said food pantry Director Betty Springer.

Read the full article in the February 26 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.