FGH receives comprehensive heart health test: New service combines stress test, echo cardiograms

Lindsey Thompson, FGH Cardiopulmonary Department, stands next to the new Stress Echo bed purchased by the FGH Auxiliary. The bed allows doctors to accurately and efficiently measure the function of a cardiac patient’s heart. SUBMITTED PHOTO

A new service at Franklin General Hospital will help more effectively diagnose cardiac patients.

The FGH Auxiliary last month purchased a stress echo bed, which allows radiologists to perform stress echos – an exam used to determine how well a patient’s heart and blood vessels respond to exercise.

Lindsey Thompson, of the FGH Cardiopulmonary Department, said that the bed allows doctors to quickly monitor how the heart functions after the stress test, which translates to more effective and accurate testing.

“We have resting pictures done first and once they have those pictures done, we put them on the treadmill, get them up to the heart rate target,” she said, “and once they hit that, we put them back on the bed, do another echo cardiogram and take the pictures again.”

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