FGH celebrates purchase of 3D mammography machine

Franklin General Hospital recently took a major step forward in its cancer detection abilities.

On Monday, June 25, the Franklin General Hospital Board of Trustees approved the purchase of a tomosynthesis mammography machine, which gives the hospital the ability to conduct 3-D mammograms with more defined pictures.

Meggan Cearley, radiology manager with FGH, said it takes one-millimeter slice photos of the breast, which allows doctors to have a more defined read.

“It can focus more on an area and can hopefully catch cancer sooner,” she said.

She said that type of machine reduces callbacks on women by 15 percent and increases cancer detection by 40 percent.

“We can do so many slice thicknesses with the 3D that it can rule it out if it’s really nothing instead of having those women come back,” she said. “That’ll help women in their mindset because otherwise they’re worrying until we bring them in for those callbacks.”

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