FCEMC discusses future dispatching budget concerns

A potential funding discrepancy for future 911 dispatching budgets created a stir during last Wednesday's meeting of the Franklin County Emergency Management Commission (FCEMC).

     The FCEMC, which oversees dispatching services, is a new entity and has no cash reserves. When county and city entities OK'd the 28E document establishing the financing structure for dispatching services earlier this year, nobody took into account an important detail regarding startup costs.

     Because the FCEMC lacks cash reserves, Franklin County and the City of Hampton could be forced to cut a check so the commission can cover payroll and other expenses for the first three months of operation.

     “This was a glitch that nobody saw when we were going over stuff,” said county supervisor and FCEMC Vice Chair Mike Nolte.

Read the full article in the July 2 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.