Ethan Kazmerzak Search: No new leads as of Wednesday morning

Ethan Kazmerzak

The search for missing Hampton resident Ethan Kazmerzak continues today as Hampton police officials said they have not located Kazmerzak and do not have any new leads to his location as of 9:50 a.m.. 

Kazmerzak, 22, was reported missing after last being seen at 12 a.m. Sept. 15 at a party in rural Hampton. Police are asking for anyone who may see him to contact them immediately at (641) 456-2529. Kazemerzak is described as 5-feet, 5-inches tall, about 185 pounds, with blond hair, and a reddish-colored beard. He may be driving a silver Volkswagen Jetta, with an Iowa license play of AUZ 382. He was reportedly wearing orange or peach colored shorts, and a white or teal printed shirt.

Franklin County Sheriff Larry Richtsmeier said his agency has been continuing to help search for Kazmerzak since being asked to aid with the search by the Hampton police department, which is heading up the investigation.

Richtsmeier said law enforcement authorities were able to digitally track Kazmerzak's cell phone and discovered that it was last used at the intersection of 190th Street and Olive Avenue at about 12:30 a.m. on Sept. 15. 

"They were at a party at the sand pit," Richtsmeier said of Kazmerzak's last known location. "They were also in Aredale before they went to the sand pit." 

Richtsmeier said in addition to having his deputies drive gravel roads throughout the county in hopes of maybe finding Kazmerzak's car off the road, two different airplanes were used on Monday to search the county. One - a private airplane - scanned the area around the sand pit. Later, Richtsmeier said, an Iowa State Patrol airplane was called in to re-search the area but no clues were discovered.

Richtsmeier said deputies would continue to scour county roads in an attempt to find any clues in the event Kazmerzak was involved in an accident - whether with another vehicle or a solo accident.

"If there was an accident, it's going to be a subtle indication," Richtsmeier explained. "There may be some gravel skid marks, a broken fence, or plants or grass flattened."

Authorities also sent out notice that Kazmerzak was missing to law enforcement officials and news media outlets across the northern part of Iowa on Monday, hoping that maybe Kazmerzak had gone to visit friends in Iowa City - where he went to college - or Mason City. 

"Where he last used his cell phone at 190th and Olive," Richtsmeier noted. "There are four blacktops in four different directions. So he could be anywhere."

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