County assessor sends information about business property tax credit

Franklin County Assessor Gwana Wirtjes wants to keep the lines of communication open with county businesses and has mailed out a letter to all commercial, industrial and railroad business property owners detailing the new State of Iowa's Business Property Tax Credit.

     Wirtjes said she mailed out letters to all business-related property owners in the county on Nov. 1 with details of the tax credit, instructions, and an application to submit.

     "It's a big tax credit they're giving," Wirtjes said of the tax credit. "It's kind of complicated for them (applicants). Instead of having people hear about it through the grapevine, I have chosen to send out a letter to all commercial, industrial, and railroad property owners."

     Wirtjes said that in simple terms, the tax credit is designed to reduce taxes underneath Gov. Terry Branstad's campaign promise in 2012 by offering a credit for eligible business property owners in the state. Businesses that lease land as well as landowners can both get credit, Wirtjes said.

Read the full article in the Nov. 6 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.