Council needs community’s input on rezoning

To the editor:
On Thursday September 12th, the Hampton City Council will hold a Public Hearing to receive input from citizens of Hampton on a proposed zoning amendment. This amendment, if approved, would change the zoning of the property in question from R-1 Single Family Residential to AT Arterial Transitional. AT allows for a variety of uses including residential, commercial, etc.
As I have said numerous times as both a Councilman and Mayor, I believe in transparent government. The decision on the proposed change has NOT been made by the City Council as it has not received the information and input it needs to make an informed decision. It is the goal of that meeting to allow citizens the opportunity to share their points of view and, more importantly, the reasons for their support or opposition to the proposed zoning change.
Citizens providing input at that Public Hearing allows all City Council Members to receive the information and allows decisions to be made by all City Council Members based on all information. It is my intention as Mayor to allow citizens to voice their positions on both sides of the issue at that meeting. Due to this, the City Council will not take up the Ordinance at that meeting. It will only hold the Public Hearing. This will allow for more time to receive input from citizens.
Decisions such as this are made by people who do the best they can, with the information they are given. I ask that citizens of Hampton feel free to attend and provide information they have that the City Council would need to make the best decision possible.
Russell Wood,
Mayor of Hampton

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