Coulter, Alexander, Popejoy results are in

Election results for three Franklin County communities have been tallied by the Franklin County Auditor's office.
In Alexander, Darrel Baxter has won the mayor's seat with 25 votes. Jean Marie Arends - 20 votes - and Quentin Boelman - 24 votes - were election to the city council.
In Coulter, incumbent Mayor James M. Warwick won re-election with 37 votes. Kevin Erickson - 37 votes - and Donna Lohrbach - 33 votes - were elected to the city council. George Eddy finished with 9 votes.
In Popejoy, incumbent Mayor Dale Maas was re-elected with 10 votes. Four incumbents and one newcomer were elected to the city council. Ronald Allen, 10 votes; Dennis Bradley, 9 votes; Scott Bradley, 8 votes; and Jason Nohrenberg, 10 votes, were re-elected to the city council. Dave Larson, 10 votes, joined the council.