Close to 100 locals say goodbye to Capt. Hilton

Hampton police Capt. James Hilton shows off a badge he received as a present at his retirement party Wednesday night. (Photo by Jeff Forward).

Nearly 100 people showed up at the Hampton City Hall chambers to attend a retirement celebration for out-going Hampton police Capt. James Hilton, who is retiring after nearly 38 years on the Hampton police force.

Hilton was all smiles after the party and said he appreciated the outpouring of affection from locals - many of whom gave him cards of thanks, gifts, and personally bid adieu.

As for his retirement, Hilton said he plans to remain living in Hampton and that his sole plans were "all family" oriented. 

"i'm just going to enjoy time with the family," he said. "Hampton is a great community. The schools are wonderful, it's safe, and I don't want to leave."