Chronicle Editorial

In like a lion, and out like a lamb

     The last couple days — maybe even weeks — Franklin County has seen its share of Seattle. The windy, earthy heartland briefly became the Northwestern bay area, marred by consistent rain, clouds, puddles, mud, restless children, seasonally affected adults — the only thing missing was a little bit of grunge.

     As this is printed, the rain, the gloom and the doom appears to have stopped, and has given way to a 60 degree day of limited wind, bright blue skies and puffy white clouds. You’d be surprised what good doses of sunshine and clear skies can not only do for you, but your friends, your family and your community. The world just looks better when it’s got some color to it.

     March has once again, come in like a lion with snow, wind and freezing temperatures, and culminated a season finale of rain to bring on a new season. It’s funny to think that the old adage remains true, that some human in some timeline ethereally predicted one month until the end of time.

     The change in seasons should be appreciated. It should also not be taken for granted.

     Just as the weather comes in seasons, so too do the lives we live. There are periods of black days and light days, of gloomy days and bright spots. There’s success and there’s failure, there’s love and there is loss. But as we brace for the coming buds of leaves and flowers, we must remember that we are not permanently gray.

     We have all thrown pity parties for ourselves time and again, and we have all taken our chances to wallow, but today is a new day. It’s a new time; it’s a new season of life. Take advantage of it.

     Have you been telling yourself you’re going to write that novel, eventually — you just haven’t gotten around to it?

     Have housework you’ve been meaning to get done after winter is over?

     Have you told yourself you’re going to start that diet soon?

     Have you told yourself that it’s time to make better habits, or be a better person?

     The winter keeps us cold. It keeps us in doors, it keeps us gloomy, but it also gives us the time to reflect. And with that, don’t put off any longer what you’ve already told yourself must be done.

     It’s a new season, a new day, a new leaf in life. Make it a good one. The rain is gone, for now, and warm temperatures are on the way. Maybe we should follow suit.