Chronicle Editorial

Plenty of holiday happenings this month


     As we hit the homestretch and inch towards Christmas, it's easy to become distracted by the fervent pace at which December seems to fly. Shopping and other holiday commitments suck up much of our free time, and it's often difficult to take in some of the seasonal activities available throughout the area. However, it's important local residents take time and hit up the many plays, concerts and other Christmastime events planned during the holiday season.

     This past weekend provided countywide residents with a handful of opportunities for some holiday fun. There was the annual Wine Walk in downtown Hampton on Friday, Small Business Saturday followed the next day and there were two showings of the "Miracle on 34th Street" play at the Windsor Theatre. The holiday lights at the Franklin County Courthouse were also lit to give an extra dose of holiday cheer, as was the nativity scene at Band Shell Park – there's certainly no room for Scrooges here in Franklin County.

     The weekend's events were only the tip of the iceberg, however. We're entering concert season, and there's also many Christmas pageants and other events planned throughout the area during December. The hard work and dedication from the many individuals behind the scenes of these programs shouldn't go unnoticed, and their service to the community is commendable. Without their passion for music and the arts, our area would be a much more gloomier place during the holidays.

     By going out and attending these concerts, plays and other events, you're ensuring their future success by giving them a check of approval with your ticket purchase today. Plays like "Miracle on 34th Street" and other activities held at community staples like the Windsor Theatre have an added bonus that might not be so obvious at face value. Not only do they give local residents a great performance, but they also stir interest in the theatre and keep it relevant by bringing in a crowd and filling seats. Folks who go out and attend the play are reminded about just how important a venue like the Windsor is to the community, in turn boosting support for this local gem and strengthening its viability in the future.

     Franklin County's strong local arts scene certainly deserves our support during the holiday season. The many plays and concerts add a unique mix of holiday charm throughout the community, and the individuals who sacrifice their time towards making these events successful is a true testament to their dedication. These events take time, money and lots of practice. Though you may get busy during this time of the year, it's important to check out one of the many seasonal events planned in Hampton and the greater Franklin County area. Sure, you could just pop in a movie at home instead. But without our local events, where else could you see your neighbor make a crowd roar with laughter from their performance on stage, or drop jaws following a standout solo of a classic Christmas song? These people work hard at giving us a good show, and that shouldn't be ignored.