Boehmler looking to future of Hampton

Mayor-elect Brook Boehmler presents a check for the Windsor Theater to Leon Kuehner. The check was for $4,000 and came from funds Boehmler raised during his campaign for mayor and the "Give where you live" campaign. (Photos by Jeff Forward, Hampton Chronicle.)

Brook Boehmler speaks at a press conference he held on Nov. 6 to discuss his election as mayor and hand out donations to three local entities as part of his "Give Where You Live" campaign. (Photos by Jeff Forward, Hampton Chronicle.)

Brook Boehmler held a victory press conference the day after being elected mayor of Hampton, an election where he defeated former mayor Diane Weldin by a hefty margin of 322 votes and out-gained her in each of Hampton's  four wards and on absentee ballots.

     During his speech at City Hall, Boehmler outlined his goals for improving the city and also handed out checks of $4,000 each to three local entities he claims are critical to the success of Hampton's future.

     "I want to thank you guys so much for the opportunity to serve this community," Boehmler said. "I want to thank everyone for their support. I want to thank the other candidate. Without candidates, we don't have choices, without choices, we don't have a government."

            "I believe in this community," Boehmler added, before introducing current Hampton Mayor Shawn Dietz, whom Boehmler is replacing. "Shawn, I want to tell you, you've brought a whole new fresh light and inspired a lot of people, a lot of younger people in our community."

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