Boehmler: "I'm feeling good..."

Hampton's mayor-elect Brook Boehmler said he was excited to be elected mayor over contender Diane Weldin and that he is ready to get to work.

"I'm feeling good," Boehmler said in a telephone interview with the Chronicle less than an hour after his victory was announced. "I think we've got a great community to be a part of. I appreciate all the support of the voters. We're going to work hard for the community."

Boehmler said he wanted to thank his opponent, Weldin - who was mayor of Hampton for eight years, for running because he believes the voters need choices in elections. 

"Choices are good," Boehmler said. "I want to thank her for running."

Boehmler said he will hold a celebratory press conference on Wednesday, Nov. 6, at Hampton City Hall to announce details of his mayoral platform - including information about his "give where you live campaign," which he said will help fund three community pillars - the Windsor Theater, the Franklin Wellness Center, and the Hampton Public Library. 

"Our big thing is to try to see how much we can raise with the 'give where you live campaign,'" Boehmler said. "We'll have to look to make an investment in the future."

Boehmler added that he feels strongly in the philosophy that the key to a community's success is involvement.