Back in the saddle

Franklin County Supervisor Jerry Plagge

"Jerry has always been a very dedicated public servant, so his determination to continue to be involved in Franklin County Supervisor's business while dealing with his health was never surprising. Whether attending meetings via Skype or conference call, it's been comforting to know that Jerry was around those meetings when he could be while he continued treatment."

Hampton Mayor Shawn Dietz

Inspired by a pep talk from one of his grandsons and overwhelming support from his family and the community, Franklin County Supervisor Jerry Plagge found a way to keep battling the cancer that was ravaging his body. Through the darkest days when he thought he was near the end, Plagge continued to fight.
Eventually, his health began to improve and he was able to return home to Latimer.  One Aug. 19, Plaggee attended his first county supervisors meeting in-person since March 18.

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