Attorney position to go full time in Franklin County

The Franklin County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved changing the county attorney’s status to a full-time position at their meeting Monday, but the effective date is still somewhat up in the air after current Attorney Daniel Wiechmann, Jr., said he would not accept the new full-time job.

     Board Chairman Corey Eberling drafted a resolution and presented it to his fellow supervisors which detailed the switch to full time. The group had previously discussed the move for the past few years, according to Supervisor Michael Nolte, and Eberling felt the change was necessary to better fit the needs of the attorney’s office. Currently, Wiechmann fulfills only part-time duties.

     “I’ve even talked with one attorney – out-of-county – that deals with multiple counties on personnel issues, and he feels that this would be a great thing,” said Eberling.

     Supervisor Jerry Plagge felt switching the attorney to full time would better suit the desires of Franklin County residents. He said past conversations with locals revealed that some prefer a more structured office that pursues stricter convictions for criminals.

Read the full article in the Oct. 23 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.